As we, the Twenty Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians, are working toward a solid foundation in which our choices for generations to come are constantly looking toward the future, will keep with our vision of a self-sustaining, independent, mentally strong Tribe with an awareness of our natural surroundings.

The definition of our happiness is not defined by monetary boundaries. The true measure of our happiness lies within the bright eyes of the younger generations that will continue our hopes, efforts and dreams, all the while incorporating theirs with ours. The unity of family is our happiness, a front that is unwavering. Loyalty to the Tribe first is a necessity. 

Earlier generations always knew that family standing shoulder to shoulder was more important than anything else in life. It has been said more times by family members that friends will come and go, but we are the ones that will be here always when you are in trouble, when you need help, and when you need a safe place to call home. Loyalty is a key factor to building unity. It can take on many definitions and the one that is relevant here is to put family first, and to hold tight to the tender hearts that share the same Tribal blood.

We are a unique blend of qualities that make us the well rounded family that we are, and we are rich in a nontraditional sense of history, culture, beliefs and heritage. Value cannot be placed on such things and can only retain value by being passed from one generation to the next. 

There will come a time in life when tough decisions will need to be made and in the face of adversity, rely on the past. Remember what worked for us and what worked against us.  Throughout our history, relying on our instincts and standing with conviction right or wrong, decisions were still ours. Our firm belief that we do what is best for us as a whole has given us valuable knowledge that comes with experience, a true heart and putting our best foot forward. 

We always strive for the best, and we achieve our goals for self-sufficiency, self-reliance, self governance with strong beliefs of honesty, hard work and a straight forward manner. We must stay true to ourselves or run the risk of losing the public face of the Tribe that has become known for its forthright, sincere dealings in business and personal relationships, and being counted on consistently to meet our obligations promptly. The honor and prestige of being a part of this Tribe is insurmountable, but true to our historical beginnings we will forever remain grounded and humble. Our strength and beliefs will echo resoundingly for generations to come.